Here you can watch a selection of videos from our Training Centres

Kennedys Kicking Kids on What Now 2008

Johnny Kennedy with Sensei Campos - TV3 News

Kennedys Karate Kids - What Now 2009

Johnny Kennedy with Sensei Campos - What Now 2004

Forearm Pad Routine

Kennedys kids class in Action

Renshi Kurt Graham - Baseball bat break 2009

Kids class get a Ninja Master visit

Kennedys Four Seasons Karate Tournament 2009

Kennedys Karate kids on What Now July 2010

Jessie, Jordan, George, Liam, Eden, Roy and Ben from the chch and Rakaia doing a demonstration on What Now.

How to tie a karate belt

We have had allot of parents and members asking how to tie the belt correctly. This is an excellent video explaining how this can be done.

Standup and Ground bag drill

Using the grappling dummies are excellent if you want a goood workout and would like to practise all round fighting skills. Johnny the Rocket Kennedy is demonstrating some basic skills you can use

Gekisai dai ichi Kata

Gekisai dai ni Kata

Circuit training with Shihan Kennedy

This is a collection of basic exercises you can combine into a good circuit routine. This is great if you want to get fit, prepare for a grading or prepare for a tournament.