"I have been doing kennedys Free Style Martial Arts for around 4 years now. It is a life changing experience and is an amazing sport to partake in. Johhny, Amanda, Nadia and Mr Lamb rock!! They are the coolest instructors ever!! I have been with the rakaia crew since the start and have acheived so much! A huge thankyou to KFMA and all my teachers I definately know i'll be doing it till the end!! Can't wait till November!!"
Hailey Beevor

"I have been doing Kennedy's Karate for four and a half years and i think it is awesome! I am on my purple belt.We have great teachers, Kennedy's Karate Rocks!!!"
Rebekah Frater

"KARATE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!:)"

"Kennedys FMA rocks! Its really cool."
Zara Mullally - Avonhead, Christchurch

"Wow, there's just too much to say and not enough time! I'm a 30-something female, but I've found KFMA is a fantastic program for all ages and abilities. I personally hate going to the gym, and I don't have the self-discipline to make a workout worth it anyway. It's a different story when you're being shown what to do, and everything you're shown can help save your life. If you're looking for fitness, self-defense, or you're just bored with life and want a new challenge, KFMA is where you need to go. Just try out a class at Christchurch or Rakaia, and you'll see for yourself how much this can benefit you and your entire family."
Toni James

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