"i think karate is the best for you cause you learn so much and have so so so so much FUN!!!!! hip hip hurray for karate. if you think that watching TV or playing on cellphones is fun you should defiantly check out karate cause it ROCKS. "
Eden Frater

"hi. Kennedys is a great place. I just recently won Juniour martial artist of the year (chch club) which i was not expecting. class is great,shihan is an excelent teacher along with sensei Amanda and Dai- Sempai Nadia and we are a awesome place to begin your martial arts traing. Karate is not a sport it is a way of life! KENNEDYS KARATE ROCKS"
Malachai Sintmaartensdyk

"Its wicked I've only been here for about 1 and a half year which really means I've learnt heaps its great fun and i'm already on orange belt!!!!!"
Zara mullally

"i have been doing kennedys karate for almost 1 year now. It is so awesome. i love it sooooooooo much ."
kaylee spain

"I have never done martial arts before, and I am an old bugger that is unfit and unflexible. Kennedys Karate is brilliant exercise, I find it very motivational, and inspirational. The members are extremely welcomming - and what can I say about the instructor - AWESOME in ability and ability to teach. I had tried a few other places before doing a trial class here - this is the best in CHCH."
Simon Templeton

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