"kennedys karate rocks!!!"
Oliver Holmes

"I have five children between the ages of 5 and 13 participating in the childrens classes. I wanted the girls to learn self defence and my boys to learn some discipline and have a physical outlet to release there excess energy. Over the past couple of years I have definitely seen these things happen and more. My children specially love the gradings and the tournaments because they are fun and they gain a sense of achievement and confidence in themselves. There are very few activities these days that offer so much for so little money."
Tina Frater - Rolleston, Christchurch, NZ

"Kennedys FMA rocks! Its really cool."
Zara Mullally - Avonhead, Christchurch

"Wow, there's just too much to say and not enough time! I'm a 30-something female, but I've found KFMA is a fantastic program for all ages and abilities. I personally hate going to the gym, and I don't have the self-discipline to make a workout worth it anyway. It's a different story when you're being shown what to do, and everything you're shown can help save your life. If you're looking for fitness, self-defense, or you're just bored with life and want a new challenge, KFMA is where you need to go. Just try out a class at Christchurch or Rakaia, and you'll see for yourself how much this can benefit you and your entire family."
Toni James

"I've been doing Kennedys Karate for almost a year now. In that time I've earned my third belt (Purple), competed in two soon to be three tournaments, and learned so much about karate and the others who join me in class. Kennedys is a great club and an ideal place to begin your martial arts training. Shihan Johnny Kennedy is an amazing instructor and an even better cousin. Thank you Johnny for all you do and for being so good with us kids. KENNEDYS KARATE RULES!!!!!!!!!"
Malachai Sintmaartensdyk

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