"I've been doing Kennedys Karate for almost a year now. In that time I've earned my third belt (Purple), competed in two soon to be three tournaments, and learned so much about karate and the others who join me in class. Kennedys is a great club and an ideal place to begin your martial arts training. Shihan Johnny Kennedy is an amazing instructor and an even better cousin. Thank you Johnny for all you do and for being so good with us kids. KENNEDYS KARATE RULES!!!!!!!!!"
Malachai Sintmaartensdyk

"KARATE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!:)"

"I've being doing karate for over 2 years now. Its the best I could have ever agreed to.KENNEDYS KARATE ROCKS!!!"
Sam Lowry, Rakaia

"kennedys karate rocks its awersome. Ive made some new friends and i have my biue belt"
oliver holmes

"I reckon Kennedys Karate is the best martial arts in the world. i've been here for 1 year and i find it so fun and you make heaps of friends. GO KENNEDYS KARATE WE RULE!!!!!!!"
Jessie Rogers

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