"KARATE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!:)"

"kennedys karate rocks!!!"
Oliver Holmes

"I have five children between the ages of 5 and 13 participating in the childrens classes. I wanted the girls to learn self defence and my boys to learn some discipline and have a physical outlet to release there excess energy. Over the past couple of years I have definitely seen these things happen and more. My children specially love the gradings and the tournaments because they are fun and they gain a sense of achievement and confidence in themselves. There are very few activities these days that offer so much for so little money."
Tina Frater - Rolleston, Christchurch, NZ

"Hi, I'm a nearly 50 year old male and have been training with Kennedys Karate since July 2007. Before I started, I was your normal couch potato male that made every excuse not to do anything that involved exercise. I don't like to admit it, but when I look back at photos, I was undeniably over weight and really uncoordinated….and there were times when I was training that I thought “what am I thinking of!” Two years down the track I really look forward to training every week. What I have found is that I can now play with my kids and enjoy it with no puffing and panting …. And I can even see my toes again!! The best gain is to feel better about myself and this assists my performance and confidence at work. We are just regular people, parents, students, young & old, getting fit, and learning some great self defence and karate along the way  Lou Duncan, Springston, Canterbury, NZ "
Lou Duncan

"i have been doing kennedys karate for almost 1 year now. It is so awesome. i love it sooooooooo much ."
kaylee spain

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