Sensei Amanda passes he Yudansha grading in Hamilton

Posted: 11 October 2012

Congratulations goes to Sensei Amanda who was award her Yudansha grading (Black belt certification) in Koryu uchinadi in the weekend.

KFMA 2012 Training camp was enjoyed by all.

Posted: 31 August 2012

From the 24th to the 26th of August KFMA had there annual Training camp in Christchurch.

The idea behind the camp is to bring together adult students from the 4 clubs located in and around the Christchurch and Canterbury area to meet and train in a fun knowledge fulled training environment.

The focus on the camp was about learning the four keys to training and Shihan Kennedy wanted to insure everyone new the impotance of good basics and a sound foundation before wanting to learn the more complicated advanced technques.

The first 3 hours of Friday was spend delivering this message by only practising the Reverse punch (Jodan Gyaku-zuki).

We then looked into the strengths of what we do and as we are predominantly a stand up martial arts with only about 20% of our techniques ground based we spend another 3 hours learning a multiple amount of defences to prevent us from being taken to the ground which we then turned into a two person drill.

Saturday was all about KFMA grade curriculum. From 11.00am to 5.00pm we drilled our basics, flow drills, Kata, Self defence etc.. than at 5.00pm Senior Black belts gave demonstations to the students than Shihan Kennedy awarded Black Belt Certifications and Instructor titles.

Sunday was dedicated to weapons training where students learnt the basics of Shinkendo and Arnis and some of the students got the chance to fight in the Kendo armour with Sampei Willie.

The camp was enjoyed by all and although there was allot of tired sore bodies by the end of it everyone afterwards were sad it was all over.

Cant wait till next year :)


Posted: 21 August 2012

Shihan Kennedy got the opportunity to visit the KFMA Rangiora Training Centre on Monday the 13th August to take there first Yellow Belt grading.
The facilitles at the Rangiora centre is first class and is definitely worth going down for a look.
Connor and Mike Edmunds did a fantastic job preparing the 16 kids and 1 adult for there first ever test. Shi...

han Kennedy was impressed with the high level of standard of the kids and is looking forward to seeing them all progress in the future.

Successful Yellow Belt candidates were:

Billy Barrow, Joshua Fisher, Monica Hodgson, Ryan Edmunds, Connor Lewis, Mason Jenkins, Luca Campbell, Adam Lewis, Kyra Jenkins, Samuel Fisher, Louie McCallum-Clark, Zac Ennis, Maddy Skilling, Jessie Skilling, Mia Doherty, Brodyn Smyth and Callum Vartha.

Best Junior Yellow Belt award went to: Jessie Skilling

Best Senior Yellow Belt award went to: Callum Vartha

Shihan Johnny wins in Thailand

Posted: 02 August 2012

Shihan, Johnny ""The Rocket" Kennedy got the opportunity to fight in Pattaya Thailand on the 31st July going against a former Thailand champion with a record of over 200 fights.

The Muay Thai fighter was by far the toughest fight in his career to date and had to work extremely hard to keep the more experienced fighter at bay.

Although Shihan dominated every round hitting the thai fighter multiple times in the head, body and legs it was still not enough to get the KO. These Thai fighters are so tough and it is amazing how much punishment these guys can take. Shiihan's trade mark spinning back kick was in full swing but was unable to get the Thai on the canvas. We should have some video footage soon.


Sensei Ryan Austin starting club in Auckland

Posted: 25 July 2012

Sensei Ryan has just started a KFMA club in Remuera in Auckland.

The location is at the FIT LAB at 77 Greenlane Road East and to start with will be running on Saturday mornings from 10.00am to 11.00am.

We wish him all the best in his new school.

KFMA Annual Training Camp 2012

Posted: 18 July 2012

The dates have being confirmed for the 1st Annual KFMA Training camp to be held in Christchurch on the 24th / 25th & 26th August.

This is a must for any student interested in expanding there knowledge and technical skills in the martial arts.

The full KFMA curriculum will be covered including new sylabus, weapons training and instruction from all the current high ranking instructors in our organisation including Shihan Kenendy, Sensei Ryan, Sensei Ben and Sensei Amanda.

The camp is open to all senior members over the age of 12 years and to advanced ranked junior members who have permission from there club instructors.

Training and location details will be confirmed in the near future but the basic outline of the camp is mentioned below:

Dates: Friday 24th - Synday 26th August

Cost: $70.00 per person (To be paid 2 weeks prior to Training camp)

Friday 24th August - 9.00am start - 5pm finish (New techniques + refining old techniques)

Saturday 25th August - 11.00am start - 5pm finish (Full KFMA syllabus + demonstrations + lectures)

Sunday 26th August - 9.00am start - 1pm finish (Weapons)

The annual camps are also the time where Instructor reviews and high rank promotions are awarded.


Posted: 17 July 2012

Connor and Mike Edmunds of the KFMA Rangiora Training Centre will be having Shihan Kennedy take there first ever grading on Monday the 13th August.

15 kids are expected to be attempting there Yellow belt grading and a couple of adults. We are really excited about it and if anyone would like to come down and support them that would be great.

The grading will start at 5.00pm and go to around 6.30pm. The address for the grading is the Rangiora Borough School, 157 King Street, Rangiora.

Connor Edmunds from KFMA Rangiora U tube video

Posted: 11 July 2012

Hi everyone, Check out Connor Edmunds youtube video showing some clips from his new training centre in Rangiora.

Its really well done :)

Shihan Kennedy - WKA Superlight Weight South Island Muay Thai Champion

Posted: 11 July 2012

Club Carnage 8 will be one to remember for Shihan Kennedy. A former National Karate and Taekwondo champion getting a South Island title fight  in Muay Thai kickboxing has always being a long term goal for Shihan Kennedy.

From his first fight in 2010 till now has being a magical journey with travel around NZ and abroad to learn and fight in the ancient art of Muay Thai.

The fight was against his first kickboxing opponent Ian Charlton from Wellington and Shihan new it was going to be tough battle.

The fight was sheduled for 5 x 2 minute rounds with full thai rules meaning elbows and knees to the head were allowed.

In the first round Ian came out hard and after an exchange of punches then into the clinch both fighters fell to the ground and collided heads. Shihan split the top of his right eye with blood pouring all over his face while Ian got cut in the side of his head. After some good work from the medics the fight continued and after 5 rounds of action Shihan Kennedy was awarded the unaminous decsion.

Specials thanks goes out to everyone that suported him in the build up and during the day.

Shihans next goal is to get the NZ national title and also to fight in Thailand.

Rob Delange gives thumbs up to Shihan Kennedys hand skills

Posted: 22 June 2012

Former Austrailan boxing champion and Queensland Boxing Coach Robert Delange was impressed with Shihan Kennedys boxing skills after spending time with him while in Brisbane last month.

Shihan recieved personal tution with Rob one of Queensalnds best boxing coach having trained many World boxing champions over a 40 year career.

Allot of focus was put on correct body posture and body movement which enables you to throw more effective punching techniques at close and long range.

Shihan Kennedy has being sharing this information with his instructors so that they can pass onto the students.

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