Advanced Senior Grading pushes students to the limits

Posted: 22 June 2012

Big congratulations goes to the Senior members who passed there Purple and Blue belt tests last weekend.

The grading went for four hours and Shihan Kennedy pushed them extremely hard through the warm up and self defence sections of the test.

Well done to all of the below students who passed and to Tom Ishijima who was awarded best Blue belt gradee and Zak Derrick who was awarded best Purple belt.

Purple belt awards:

Zak Derrick, Rick Bennetts

Blue belt awards:

Tom Ishijima, Missy Bennetts, Rebecca Spain, Ian Blakemore, Archie Richardson

Junior Purple belt grading results

Posted: 22 June 2012

Congratulations goes out to all the junior members who passed there Purple Belt test in the weekend.

The hard work and determination from all of you over the 3 hour grading was good to see.

We would also like to congratulate Briaernah Heuff for getting the Best Purple Belt award.

Purple Belt Awards:

Briaernah Heuff, Tyla Boyd, Winston Chen, Jack Ifield and Bryar Milne

Shihan Johnny trip goes well in Brisbane.

Posted: 20 June 2012

Shihan Johnny spend 12 days over in Brisbane last month catching up with friends and family and training at the legendary Hitman Gym in the Gold Coast.

Australian Superlight weight National Australian and Evolution Muay Thai champion Jamie "The Official"Stamp helped Shihan improve his Grappling, knees and elbow game in preparation for his South Island WKA title fight against Ian Charlton from Wellington.

Fight will be held at the Templeton community centre on the 30th June.

Dai Sampei and the team do well at Canterbury Westland Champs

Posted: 20 June 2012

What a massive day!!!

The tournament team did great today up against some massive competition, with all the junior divisions having a minimum of 8 competitors... our team had our work cut out for them! Big congrats to Ricky Barns who came away with a Bronze medal, and Dai Sampei Nadia coming away with a gold medal! Overall was a fantastic day with the guys showing some great talent! Thanks to all our wonderful supporters and photographers!!

Check out the photo's on our facebook page :) :) BRING ON THE NEXT ONE :)

Grading Confirmation Details -Advanced Ranks only

Posted: 08 June 2012

Please see below details on the up and coming advanced grading.

Date: Sunday 17th June 2012

Location: TUNZ National training centre, 16 Mathers Road, Hoonhay, Christchurch


Junior Purple belt grading - Starts 9.00am (Doors will be open from 8.30am)

Senior Purple / Blue belt grading - Starts at 1.00pm

Other important information:

- Please ensure if you are grading that you have paid all grade fees to your club instructor before the grading day.

- Make sure you have all the necessary equipment including sparring gear, drink bottle, towel and clean karate uniform.

- If you have any questions about the grading or are unsure of any material on the grade sheet please inform club instructors.

The Rocket is Back - WKA South Island Title fight 30 June 2012

Posted: 24 May 2012

Hi Everyone,

Shihan Johnny "The Rocket" Kennedy will be back in the Muay Thai ring going for the WKA Superlight weight Muay Thai Title against Ian Charlton from the Muay Thai Institute in Wellington on the 30th June 2012.

The fight will be the feature event with a big line up of novice and amateur fights. The venue is the Templeton Community centre in Kirk Road in Templeton, Christchurch.

It is an afternoon event starting around 11.00am and going through to around 3pm. If you would like to support the Rocket and come to the show please let your club instructor know so we can secure tickets.

This is an R18 event as there will be alchol at the event but children can go if they are accompanied by there parents or guardians.

Tickets and confirmed start times will be released shortly.

Great result at Junior Yellow / Orange belt grading in Rakaia

Posted: 24 May 2012

Well Done to all those children that graded today! Job well done!! Both Sensei and myself were proud of all those who successfully attempted the junior yellow and orange belt ranks!

Congratulations to....

Nicole Scott (Best Orange Belt Award)
Lauren Scott
Dominic Steeman
Hayden Savage
Shonny Jones
... Ryan Jones
Jack Cleave
Karjah Brady
Shani Brady

Lily Crowley
Jack Dyer
Bridget Savage ( Best Yellow Belt Award)
Connor Watkins
Cassidy Lyne
Bridie O'Brian
Nina Atkinson

Once again Congatulations!! And keep up the Hard Training!!

-Dai Sampei Nadia

Yellow / Orange Belt Grading Details - May 7th 2012

Posted: 02 May 2012

There will be a Junior and Senior yellow / orange belt grading being held at the Rakaia Training Center this Sunday. Timetable is below:

Juniors - 10am start

Seniors: 1pm start

Please ensure you have paid your grading fee before the test and that you have a drink bottle, towel and and equipment you may require to grade.

School Holidays Update

Posted: 10 April 2012

Hi everyone,

Please see below details on training times over the school holiday period.

CHRISTCHURCH TRAINING CENTRE - All classes including Adults and juniors are closed until the 24th April.

RANGIORA TRAINING CENTRE - All classes including adukts are juniors are closed until the 23rd April.

RAKAIA TRAINING CENTRE - All classes operating

SHIHAN KENNEDY ADVANCED SENIOR CLASS - Running Thursday the 12th April but closed Thursday the 19th April as in Australia at the Annual Koryu Uchinadi Gasshuku with Sensei Amanda and Hayden Spatcher. All classes will resume on the week of the 23rd April.

I hope everyone has a good break but if you would like to keep on training please feel free to contact Sensei Amanda for current training times.

Yellow / Orange Belt Grading Details - May 5th 2012

Posted: 02 April 2012

The KFMA  group will be having a Junior Yellow and Orange belt grading in the 5th of May at the Rakaia KFMA Training centre. Proposed start time is 10.00am but confirmation of this will be released shortly. Any senior interesting in grading for either Yellow or Orange belt needs to talk to their club instructor.

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