We take pride in providing classes that encompass a full range of fighting offensive and defensive techniques. Being a freestyle martial art we search the world for the most effective techniques over a broad range of diverse martial arts styles. These include, but are not limited to, Mau Thai Kickboxing, Jujitsu, Karate, Aikido, Taekwondo, Boxing, BJJ to name a few. By the time our students reach the rank of black belt, they will have the necessary skills to deal with a variety of different situations that today's environment may throw at them.

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Kennedy's mixed classes

Over many years of training and research Kennedys technical committee have developed what they believe to be some of the most effective fighting techniques and principals within a combat setting.

Incorporated within our core syllabus are techniques from Koryu Uchi Nadi Kenpo Jutsu. This comprehensive system was developed by World famous competitor, instructor and Author, Hanshi Patrick McCarthy (8th Dan). Included within this system is an extensive collection of impacting techniques (punching and kicking), grappling, throwing skills, locks, holds, immobilizations, takedowns and ground fighting. "THE COMPLETE SYSTEM", a way of training that covers all aspects of effective self-defense, physical training and mental well-being.

Kennedy's Beginners Classes

This class was introduced for those new to the martial arts or those who just wanted to get fit, have fun, learn some effective simple self-defence skills and meet some new friends along the way. A fairly relaxed class with an emphasis on basic stand-up striking skills, pad-work, defensive techniques and of course-lots of cardio.

Personal Training

Private one on one lessons are also available with Johnny Kennedy or any of the other senior instructors. Please feel free to discuss this with them at your convenience.


Membership Fee: $120.00 (Once off cost) You will recieve an information pack including Karate uniform, KFMA club patch, club t-shirt and student information booklet. 

Note: If you already have a KFMA uniform the price will be $80.00

Koryu Uchinadi Annual Fee (Optional): $45.00 per year - For those students who would like to grade under Hanshi Patrick McCarthy's KU syllabus the above yearly fee applies. 

Training fees vary from club to club depending on how any times per week training is available, what facilties and equipment they have and experience of the instructors. The below costs are a guide. If you want accurate pricing please contact the head instructor of the club you are interested in training with.

All fees are priced at per term(3 month) rates. If you would like to start in between a term the costing will be adjusted to suit.

Students: $80.00 - $120.00 per term

Adults: $100 - $170.00 per term

              $20.00 per class - Casual

Existing members training at other KFMA schools: If you are a member of one school and would like to train at one of the other schools a fee applies. The cost for a causal visit is $10.00 per lesson and $5.00 for any other member of the same family. If you would like to train full time at two clubs arrangemets with the Senior instructor of both schools is required.

Personal training (One on One): $40.00 - $100.00 per lesson (1 hour) depedning on instructor rank.

Black belts: $40.00 per hour (5 + years experience)

Black belts (Instructor Ranks): $60.00 hour (7 + years experience)

Black belts (Sensei Rank): $80.00 hour (10 + years experience)

Shihan Kenney: $100.00 hour (28 + years experience)

Personal training (Group): To be arranged with Instructor

SPECIAL OFFER - If you enrol for a full year you will get a 20% discount

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